The Acrord32.exe file is an extension of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a file that is normally passed along in the download of any Acrobat PDF Reader. Many people have reported problems specifically with this file. However, there are many unique fixes that render this file harmless while still allowing you to view .pdf documents with no issue at all. If you are experiencing problems, there are other PDF readers on the market. Unfortunately, almost all of the readers on the market come with their own version of this extension file. It checks for the latest versions and can prompt for updates.

Top 3 Programs For Acrord32.exe Errors

Is Acrord32.exe a harmful file (virus, trojan, spyware)?


Running a malware scan could help protect your confidential personal information.

No, this file is not a virus in its truest sense. The main purpose of this file is to communicate with the Adobe host site and your computer to ensure that the reader version you are using is the most up-to-date. However, any file may become compromised, and acrord32.exe is no different. Malware can be cleverly disguised using other filenames or file types. Because of that, it is extremely important to be sure you have the proper version of the file and not an imposter. (Learn more at It is important because if several versions of the new reader come out and you require some type of interactivity, you will undoubtedly want to enjoy the features of the newer version. However, this file becomes a problem when you consider that it consumes a lot of memory because it has the ability to bore into your system and peek around. This is very disconcerting and causes people to delete it. Adobe is able to recognize this, and this is where issues of malware come into play.

Is this task required on my computer or can I end it?

You can definitely stop this service without causing any major problems. However, it would be in your best interest to keep this process running. There are ways to limit its system roaming capability by updating your security settings. If you switch your settings to high, and you limit the updates, you will be able to use your computer with minimal interference from the reader extension file. This is critical as it will not only operate in a virtually invisible manner, but it also will not consume major chunks of memory at one time, which may limit the functionality of your computer.

How do I stop Acrord32.exe errors?

There is one main way to stop these errors, and that is to ensure you don’t delete the program outright. This will send a red flag to the primary installation of Acrobat Reader and will cause more update notices, and more importantly can render the reader completely unusable. Avoid downloading multiple readers too. Many of the users who report errors of this type usually have multiple versions of readers from different companies installed on their computers. The compatibility of the file to other reader versions is virtually zero. Once again, bear in mind that the file has the capability to bore deep into your system (unless you enable your security settings to their highest) to find other versions of readers.

Also since it is a non-system process, it is important to make sure that the file is located in the correct place, with the right title. Remember, even though it is not a vital system process, malware acting as acrord32.exe may be wreaking havoc on your computer. You may want to run a full system scan just to be safe.